EU Residency

in just 60 days

Valid visa for the entire Schengen area

27 European countries

Minimum Investment of

500.000 €


only investment

Spanish residency by investment: the fastest way to acquire residence in the EU for the whole family.

High quality life in Europe and in the Mediterranean with freedom of movement within the Schengen Zone: make your dreams come true with the Spanish residency card obtained in just 60 days.

program benefits

The Spanish Golden Visa Program encourages investors outside the European Union to invest in equity, business projects and public debt. According to the program, investors and their families can obtain temporary residency in 2/3 months through a minimum real estate investment of € 500,000. Other investment options are also available, including commercial, government bonds, or bank deposits. An initial residency card is granted for 2 years, which is then renewable every 5 years.
The Spain Golden Visa Program is a true gateway to Europe, expanding your visa-free travel mobility within the Schengen Zone. This program allows the investor to consider the acquisition of residency as their first step towards permanent residency and the acquisition of nationality if necessary. More residency requirements must be met; after 5 years you can obtain permanent residence and citizenship after 10 years living in the country. It is not necessary to reside in Spain to keep and renew the residency visa permit.

FAST process

Residency permit valid for the entire European Union in 60 days

Member of the E.U.

You can travel, work, study in any EU country

Visa to travel

You can travel for 90 days in Schengen territory

Close family

Yours direct descendants (parents / children) will benefit from the program.

Residency NOT mandatory

The Golden Visa allows you to travel to your country.

Simple renovation

Temporary residency can be renewed without having to live in Spain

Permission to work

The residency permit allows you to work in Spain.

No Exams

No language skills tests.

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Pedir Cita

Visa to travel to 27 European countries

The Spanish Residency allows visa-free access to any state in the Schengen Zone. Get visa-free access to 27 EU states, plus Switzerland, Monaco, San Marino and Liechestein. Take a last minute business trip or take the family on a European vacation.


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Investment options

The Spanish Golden Visa program offers the following investment options:

  • buy a property for a minimum of € 500,000
  • make a bank deposit of a minimum of € 1,000,000
  • invest € 1,000,000 in companies or € 2,000,000 in government bonds.
  • carry out business projects in Spain

The simplest option is real estate investment in properties in Spain as a tourist country that it is, it is always a very desirable alternative residency in the Mediterranean to enjoy with the family. The value of the investment has to be maintained for 5 years either in the property purchased or in others for a value greater than € 500,000.

Real Estate Investment

Purchase of one or more properties that reach a minimum of € 500,000.

Bank deposit

Investment in bank deposits in Spanish entities for a value equal to or greater than € 1,000,000.

Public debt

Investment in public debt for a value equal to or greater than € 2,000,000.

Business project

Carry out business projects in Spain. They must be considered and accredited of general interest. They must be considered and accredited of general interest.

Adquisition process

GLC Abogados will provide you with an expert and efficient service, helping you in every step of the process of acquiring your residency. We will guide you through your Golden Visa roadmap with due diligence, ensuring that your file is processed correctly and investment residency is ultimately achieved.

2/3 days

Our experts talk with you.

GLC immigration advisers will evaluate your personal circumstances and help you select the most suitable investment option. Our extensive real estate portfolio can meet even the most demanding requirements. If you choose to buy a property, our team will organize your trip to Spain to view the properties.

Prepare documentation

A detailed list will be provided to you and you will be guided through the document gathering stage. Experienced immigration consultants will verify all documents to verify that all requirements are met, including documentation of proof of investment made.

Application is submitted

Our company has direct access to the telematics platform offered by the Ministry of Economy to lawyers, to submit Golden Visa applications quickly and efficiently.

30 days

Processing of application

Each application is examined by the government of Spain through a meticulous process, during which the documentation sent is examined and verified.

Approval is received

Once the application is reviewed and approval is granted, you will be issued a residency permit and the government will issue a letter informing you of its decision.

Receive the Spanish Golden Visa

One month after your biometric data has been sent to one of the police stations in Spain, you will receive your residency card valid for 2 years, which can be renewed every 5 years.

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