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in just 30 days

Visa valid for the entire Schengen area

27 European countries

Minimum Investment:

Not needed

Non-profit residence: the easiest way to acquire residence in Spain, for the whole family.

High quality life in Europe and the Mediterranean with freedom of movement within the Schengen Zone: make your dreams come true with the Spanish residence card obtained in just 30 days.

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The non-profit residence visa is a type of residence in Spain that is granted to non-European citizens with sufficient funds an authorization to reside in the country without carrying out any type of economic activity.

This type of visa will allow you to stay in Spain for 1 year since you enter in Spanish territory.

You will have the option to renew the permit successively, each renewal lasting 2 years.

One of its main characteristics is thatit does not allow you to carry out any type of economic or professional activity in Spain.

If you can demonstrate that you have sufficient funds and that your stay in Spain will not involve any expense for the Government, you will be able to obtain residency.

For who

Although it does not allow you to work, it is one of the most requested visas For whom is this residence permit ideal?

  • For all those people who want to reside in Spain
  • For foreigners who have sufficient financial funds to stay in Spain without having to work.
  • For all those people who can stay during their first year in Spain without working (to visit and discover the country); But after a year they would like to continue with their professional activity.

FAST process

Residence permit valid for the entire European Union in 30 days

Member of the E.U.

You can travel to any EU country

Visa to travel

You can travel for 90 days in Schengen territory

Close family

Yours direct descendants (parents / children) will benefit from the program.


Bring your family with you


Through a joint application, you can get residency for your partner and children.

You only have to show that you have sufficient financial means to cover them.

You can get their visa at the same time you get yours.

Travel freely in Europe


Finally, another of its advantages is that it will allow you to travel through the Schengen territory without any problem and with total freedom.

Get long-term residence and after the nationality


We are talking about a temporary residence authorization that lasts 1 year. The next two renewals last 2 years. And with the third you can apply for long-term residence in Spain, and live in the country without renewing for 5 more years.

This will finally allow you to access the Spanish Nationality. For each year lived in the country with this Non-profit residence permit counts towards the total necessary for nationality.

In case of being a Latin American citizen, you will only need 2 years with the non-profit to get citizenship.

You do not need to invest to get residency


In the same way that other permits such as the Golden Visa,require invest in real estate, the non-profit is different. Well, you shouldn’t invest anything in Spain to get it; Just show that you have sufficient financial funds.

Residence NOT mandatory

The Non-profit allows you to travel to your country.

Simple renovation

Temporary residence can be renewed without having to live in Spain

No investment

It is not necessary to invest in any property.

No Exams

No language skills tests.


Economic funds


This residence permit does not allow you to work in Spanish territory, so you will have to prove that you have sufficient funds for your maintenance in Spain for 1 year.

And what is the minimum amount required by the Spanish state?


Have private health insurance


As with all other residence authorizations, you will need NO CO-PAY medical insurance in Spain.

Why? Why your insurance policy should be private. Simply to show the Spanish state that you are not going to cost a cent

  • This insurance must be contracted to a Spanish company and for a period of at least one year.
  • And, finally, all the specialties of the Spanish public health system must be included in it.

This is an essential requirement and not all health insurance is valid. We advise you to get in touch with our team of specialists.

Minimum amount of money


Deberás demonstrate that you have 400% of the IPREM annually in your bank account. For this year 2021, the IPREM is around € 6.454,03€

As they require 400% of us that amount we multiply it by 4 and it gives us an amount of about € 25,816.12, which at least you must credit in your bank account.

Economic means to bring your family with you


You can bring your wife and minor children by simply applying.

If you want to apply jointly, for each member you bring you must show an additional 100% of the IPREM. it means, € 6,454.03 per year. in addition

It is a great opportunity for your family to get a residence permit easily.

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Visa to travel to 27 European countries

The Spanish Residence allows visa-free access to any state in the Schengen Zone. Get visa-free access to 27 EU states, plus Switzerland, Monaco, San Marino and Liechestein. Take a last minute business trip or take the family on a European vacation.


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Adquisition process

The application for this type of residence is processed in the country of origin or where you have your legal residence. Arrive to Spain as a tourist will not allow you to manage the procedure. You must be out of the country, obligatorily.

GLC Abogados will provide you with an expert and efficient service, helping you in every step of the process of acquiring your residence. We will guide you through the roadmap of the entire process with due diligence, ensuring that your file is processed correctly and non-profit residency is finally achieved.

2/3 days

Our experts talk to you

GLC immigration advisers will evaluate your personal circumstances and help you select the most suitable investment option. Our extensive real estate portfolio can meet even the most demanding requirements. If you choose to buy a property, our team will organize your trip to Spain to view the properties.

Prepare the documentation

You will be provided with a detailed list and guided through the document gathering stage. Experienced immigration consultants will verify all documents to verify that all requirements are met.

Application is submitted

Our company will get you the appropriate appointment at the Spanish consulate in your country, remember that the interested person is the one who has to appear before the consulate, we can accompany you if you request it..

30 days

Processing of application

The government delegation has 30 days to resolve each file.

TIE received

Once the foreign identity card is received, you must travel to Spain within a maximum period of 90 days.

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