Do you want to create a company in Spain?

Spain is a European country that today and after adjustments and reforms in the financial system, in the labor market and in the public sector is characterized by undoubted solvency.

Its enviable geographical location in southern Europe makes it a gateway to the potential market in Europe and North Africa as well as the Ibero-American market due to its historical cultural and economic ties.

Its population reaches the figure of 48 million people, adding to it the more than 70 million tourists who visit Spain annually, make it a very interesting market.

We could say that Spain is a very good destination for foreign companies that do not want risks in their investment.

If you are not a resident of Spain and need to create a new company in Spanish territory, you are in the right place from GLC Abogados we can help you with legal and tax advice since we are specialized in the incorporation of new companies in Spain with foreign investment.

People who are not residents in Spain, before starting the procedures to create a company in Spain, have to previously carry out a series of specific procedures to obtain residency.

Companies formed with foreign partners do not differ from companies formed by Spanish partners, but they must present the model of Foreign Investment Declarations, in addition to the foreign partners having their valid NIEs.

From GLC Abogados we are going to guide you step by step on the entire process of incorporation of the new company even if you are not physically in Spain.

Previous requirements

We do it for you

In addition to an entrepreneur visa, a residence permit for a business project and the payment of fees, you will need all this …..


Open a bank account in Spain


An interest report on the business activity to be developed and a viable business plan.


Formalize the articles of incorporation before a notary, High in the Treasury (Tax Agency) and register the company in the Mercantile Registry.

Licenses and permits

Accredit all the licenses required for the development of the activity (local, regional and national), as well as the certifications that are needed depending on the activity to be carried out.


Submit the appropriate form for the official model case (EX – 07) in duplicate, completed and signed.

… and in addition, any foreigner must comply with the following …

A foreigner who wants to create his business in Spain must meet the following requirements:

  • Reside in Spain legally or process the residence application
  • Be of age.
  • Have a medical certificate (not suffer from infectious-contagious diseases)
  • Have contracted a health insurance WITHOUT copayment in Spain.
  • Accredit sufficient resources for their maintenance and accommodation.
  • Have a legal passport from your country of origin
  • Have a criminal certificate of your country duly apostilled
  • Have a duly apostilled birth certificate from your country

Which one suits me?

Types of companies in Spain


Commercial company with legal personality whose capital is divided into equal, accumulative and indivisible shares in which the partners are not personally liable for company debts.

Minimum capital € 3,000


Commercial company with legal personality in which the capital, divided into shares, is made up of the contributions of the partners who are not personally liable for the corporate debts.
Minimum capital € 60,000


They are companies that are incorporated with foreign capital but which, for practical purposes, are considered Spanish companies.

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